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2016 MMBHA Finals Update
9/10/2016 3:43:00 PM
Salam everyone,

Congratz to the new 2016 MMBHA CHAMPIONS, the Toronto Maple Leafs!

Here are your 2016 CHAMPIONS:

#doubtfireFTW #FINALLY #undefeated

Toronto Maple Leafs:
     -Bilal Syed(C)
     -Naveed Muhammad(A)
     -Yakub Tagari(A)
     -Muhammad Tagari
     -Umed Raufi
     -Sohaib Siddiqui
     -Ibrahim Rashidi
     -Zainuddin Matadar
     -Mohib Khan(G)

Stay posted for the Finals summaries! More details about the banquet will be posted when details are decided!

Hats off to Captain Adam Kadva and his Chicago Blackhawks for keeping it tight throughout the Finals!

Job well done,
Bilal Syed

2016 MMBHA Semi-Finals Update
9/3/2016 5:25:56 PM
Salam guys,

The 2016 MMBHA Semi-Finals have taken place! 2 teams have progressed onwards to the Finals, while 2 teams have been eliminated! Read on for the details!


Chicago Blackhawks(#2) vs Washington Capitals(#3):

These 2 teams split the season series 1-1, the semis proved to be the tie-breaker! Solid lineups on both sides led to quite an interesting matchup with the likes of "Captain" Kadva, "Mustard" Rashidi, "Twitter", Sohail Hadisohi, and Luqman Tagaria going head to head with Mubeen Popal, Zahid Matadar, Ammar Javed, and Muneer Popal! A tight game ensued as predicted with both sides trading goals! "Captain" Kadva(1G, 1A) played a strong 2-way game while Captain "Mustard" Rashidi(1A) finally learned the intricate art of defence! The addition of "Twitter"(1G, 1A) definitely provided a boost to the Hawks as he got everyone riled up with a terrific top-shelf snipe! The Caps dynamic duo of Mubeen Popal(1G) and Ammar Javed(1G, 1A) fought back resiliently and kept the game tied at 2-2 throughout much of the second half! Zahid Matadar(1A) turned in another stellar performance and shutout down the Hawks for much of the game! To the delight of the Hawks, recently traded-for Suhail Hadisohi put the ball past a screened Muneer Popal within the last minute of play to put them up 3-2! The Hawks shut down the Caps and earned themselves a place in the Finals! Final Score, 3-2 Hawks!

Toronto Maple Leafs(#1) vs Pittsburgh Penguins(#4):
The Pens had come the closest to defeating the Leafs in a 4-3 shootout loss, but had suffered a devastating 7-0L in their most recent matchup! The Leafs lineup featured "HB" Syed, "PK Subhan", Yakub Tagaria, Muhammad Tagaria, and Mohib Khan up against a rising duo in Farhan Muhammad and Zaid Matadar, along with Zain Uddin in net! The absences of Ilyas Gheewala and Abdullah Khan didn't put a dent in the Pens spirits as they fired away on Leafs netminder Mohib Khan! Pens Captain Farhan sniped 2G with his partner-in-crime Zaid putting on a passing clinic, earning himself 2A! Several sprawling saves by their netminder Zain kept the Pens up to pace with the Leafs, who continued to hack away at the Pens defence! The Leafs broke through Zain 3 times with shut-down performances infused with offensive outbursts by "PK"(1G, 1A), "HB"(1G), Yakub(1G), and Muhammad(1A)! The Pens gave the #1 ranked Leafs quite a scare keeping the game infuriatingly tight down to the last second! Leafs goalie Mohib quietly backstopped his team to yet another win, and mostly importantly, the Finals! Final Score, 3-2 Leafs!

Congratz to the Pens and Caps for a hard-fought season and playoffs! Don't forget to show up next week to cheer on your favorites to win the MMBHA Cup!

Inshallah, the Finals, comprising of a best-of-3 series, will be played out the following week on Saturday September 10, 2016 at 10AM SHARP! The schedule has been updated! Also, please select "2016 Playoffs" to see playoff stats!

Congratz to the Leafs and Hawks on their well-earned spots in the Finals! Please be on time and ready to fight for the Cup!

Finals Matchup: Toronto Maple Leafs(#1) vs Chicago Blackhawks(#2)

Let's do this,
Hafiz Bilal

2016 MMBHA Regular Season Week 5 Update
9/3/2016 4:50:45 PM
Salam guys,

The 2016 MMBHA Regular Season has come to a close! Here are the summaries for the final games of this season!

Game 7:

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Chicago Blackhawks:

The Pens had a huge upgrade in net with Zain Uddin joining them just in time for the end of the season! The duo of Captain Farhan Muhammad(2G, 1A) and Zaid Matadar(1G, 1A) proved to be lethal, connecting for all their teams' 3G! New goaltender Zain turned in a solid first performance, backstopping his team with multiple big saves! As usual, "Captain" Kadva carried his team by scoring 2G! "Twitter" turns in a solid performance with 1A in his first game with the Hawks! A huge upset here as the Hawks fall in regulation, close game throughout! Hawks netminder Luqman Tagaria seemed a bit shaky, hope he's fine in the semis! Final Score, 3-2 Pens!

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Washington Capitals:
With "Laal Tamatar" not present, Muneer Popal was called upon to take on goaltending responsibilities for the Caps! He wasn't the only stepping up for the team as Azlan Siddiqui scored his first goal of the season for the Caps! Captain Mubeen Popal held without a G again, while Ammar Javed picks up another assist! Determined to keep their winning streak going into the playoffs, the Leafs struck 5 times! Captain "HB" Syed scored a hat-trick while Yakub Tagaria picked up 1G, 2A! Newest addition Muhammad Tagaria fit right in with 1G, 1A! Goalie Mohib Khan backstops the Leafs to their perfect season! Final Score, 5-1 Leafs!

Congratz to the Leafs for becoming the 2016 MMBHA Regular Season Champions! On to the playoffs!

The semis feature the following matchups:

Toronto Maple Leafs(#1) vs Pittsburgh Penguins(#4)
                                                                           ??? vs ???
Chicago Blackhawks(#2) vs Washington Capitals(#3)

Will the Leafs continue their winning ways or be upset by the rising Pens? Who will come out victorious from the Hawks and Caps matchup?

May the best team win!

Hafiz Bilal

2016 MMBHA Regular Season Week 5 + Playoffs
8/29/2016 1:07:39 PM
Salam guys,

The schedule has now been updated. We will have our final regular season games at 10AM SHARP this upcoming Saturday September 3, 2016! Semi-finals will take place immediately after. Semi-finals matchup details will be uncovered once the Regular Season Standings are finalized.

The Finals will take place in a best-of-3 series on Saturday September 10, 2016!

Please be on time and ready to fight for the Cup! May the best team win!

Hafiz Bilal

2016 MMBHA Regular Season Week 4 Update
8/27/2016 10:15:00 PM

Below are the summaries for what MAY be the final regular season games.

Game 6:

Chicago Blackhawks vs Washington Capitals:
Both rosters featured new additions as Ammar Javed joined the Caps, resulting in a transfer of Suhail Hadisohi to the Hawks. Caps Captain Mubeen Popal's drafting skills under scrutiny after his first-rounder proves to be a bust? Regardless, a tight game ensued with both teams trading goals in regulation. Captain "Mustard" Rashidi and franchise player "Captain" Kadva both scored for the Hawks while newest addition Ammar and star d-man Zahid Matadar answered back for the Caps! Captain Mubeen Popal's goal-streak of ALMOST 2 Seasons is snapped! This one couldn't be solved in regulation and recently traded Suhail Hadisohi put it away for the Hawks with a controversial shootout goal! Hawks goaltender Luqman Tagaria had an outstanding outing and seems to have solved the Hawks' problems in net! Final Score, 3-2 Hawks!

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Pittsburgh Penguins:
The Pens came into this game having been the closest to defeating the Leafs and the addition of Zaid Matadar certainly helped their case. However, the Leafs paid little attention to the dynamic duo of Pens Captain Farhan Muhammad and Zaid. Leafs goalie Mohib Khan shut down the Pens offense time and time again, acquiring a well-earned shutout! Leafs sniper Yakub Tagaria added to his growing resume with 2G, while Captain "HB" Syed potted 2G, 1A. Leafs top d-man "PK Subhan" dominated once again with a 2G, 1A performance as well! Pens players Muhammad Tagaria, Abdullah Khan, and Zaid along with their Captain Farhan put in a solid effort and had the Leafs defense on edge throughout the game! Final Score, 7-0 Leafs!

Please check back regularly for updates regarding the ending of the regular season, playoffs schedule, and more! Note that games(including SEMI-FINALS) WILL be played on Saturday September 3, 2016 despite the long weekend(players were consulted already).

Hafiz Bilal

2016 MMBHA ASG - August 27
8/23/2016 12:26:18 PM
Salam guys,

Inshallah the 2016 MMBHA All-Star Game will take place this weekend on August 27, 2016 at 11:00AM SHARP. Regular season games will be played as normal before the ASG according to the already updated schedule. Details follow below.

Toronto Maple Leafs & Pittsburgh Penguins vs Chicago Blackhawks & Washington Capitals:


Toronto Maple Leafs:
     -Captain HB Syed(C)
     -PK Subhan(A)
     -Yakub Tagaria
     -Umed Raufi
     -Mohib Khan(G)

Pittsburgh Penguins:
     -Captain Farhan Muhammad(A)
     -Adeel Dutli
     -Muhammad Tagaria
     -Abdullah Khan

Chicago Blackhawks:
     -Captain Masoud Rashidi(A)
     -Adam Kadva(C)
     -Luqman Tagaria
     -Zaid Ansari

Washington Capitals:
     -Captain Mubeen Popal(A)
     -Zahid Matadar
     -Muneer Popal
     -Suhail Hadisohi
     -Laal Tamatar(G)

Everyone is requested to stay back and attend the 2016 MMBHA ASG! Still looking for Refs! :D

Hafiz Bilal

2016 MMBHA Regular Season Week 3 Update
8/22/2016 3:47:57 PM

After a week off due to inclement weather, things were rolling once again in Week 3. Read on to catch up on the latest MMBHA Games.

Game 4:

Chicago Blackhawks vs Pittsburgh Penguins:
The absence of Pens Captain Farhan Muhammad and cornerstone Adeel Dutli proved to be detrimental as the Pens came out with great enthusiasm, but fell to the Hawks. Hawks Captain "Mustard" Rashidi took full advantage of the situation with 2G. Some say he was cherry-picking, but hey...who am I to judge?!?! "Captain" Kadva continued his domination by adding 3G, 2A  to his resume. Hatts off to Muhammad Tagaria and Abdullah Khan for keeping their team in the game till late. Final Score, 6-1 Hawks!

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Washington Capitals:
The Leafs stayed perfect with a thorough thrashing of the Caps via dominant performances by their Captain "HB" Syed, sniper Yakub Tagaria, and playmaker "PK Subhan"! As usual, Caps Captain Mubeen Popal got his team started with 1G, but the combined efforts of Yakub(3G, 2A), PK(4G, 1A), and HB(1G, 4A) proved to be quite a handful! Anyone planning on stopping the Leafs is requested to do so ASAP ;P Final Score, 9-1 Leafs!

Game 5:

Washington Capitals vs Pittsburgh Penguins:
Still a no-show from Pens Captain Farhan and top player Adeel, still a great performance from the Pens despite another devastating loss. "Laal Tamatar" comes out of this one being the first Goalie this season to have earned a shutout! Say whaaaaaaaa??? In other "un"-eventful news, Caps Captain Mubeen dominated a much weaker opponent with 3G, 2A while his 1st round pick finally broke through with 2G! Final Score, 5-0 Caps!

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Chicago Blackhawks:
The Hawks put up quite a fight with multiple hacks at the growing Leafs lead, but finally gave way to another Leafs win! In a valiant effort, Hawks' Captain "Mustard" put up 2G, 1A while the notorius "Captain" captured another 2G, 2A! Leafs' Captain "HB" potted 5G, 1A which catapulted the Leafs to yet another win. Dominant performances by "PK"(1G, 5A) and Yakub(1G, 4A) helped seal the deal! Perfect season OTW? Final Score, 10-4 Leafs!

As rumours have it, the 2016 MMBHA All-Star Game is set to take place this weekend?!?!? Check back soon for more details!

Week 3 - Saturday August 20, 2016
8/19/2016 7:12:11 AM

MMBHA will re-commence tomorrow at 10AM SHARP. Please be on time, we've got ourselves a packed schedule Inshallah.

Please remember to bring your fees if you have not paid as of yet. Bilal Bhai will be on hand to collect those tomorrow.


May the best team(TML) win,
Hafiz Bilal

MMBHA Saturday Aug 13th 2016 - Cancelled
8/13/2016 8:19:02 AM

Due to inclement weather during MMBHA hours, all games for this week are cancelled.

Hafiz Bilal

2016 MMBHA Regular Season Week 2 Update
8/7/2016 3:08:20 PM

The Juniors have been added to team rosters, please notify me if there are any mistakes.

Game 2:

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Chicago Blackhawks:
Both teams went into this game having won their Game 1's in spectacular fashion. However, the Leafs took an early 4-1 lead at the end of 1st half, with a hat-trick from Captain Bilal Syed. New Leafs addition, Ibrahim Rashidi, proved his worth with 2A in his first game with the team! Yakub Tagaria and Naveeni Muhammad continued their dominance with 2G, 1A respectively. The Hawks stormed back with 3 more goals in the 2nd half, but the Leafs Captain dashed their comeback hopes, finishing with 5G, 1A! Great effort by Hawks franchise cornerstone, Adam Kadva, as he got his team on the board twice and added another assist as well! Final score, 7-4 Leafs!

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals:
This game featured a great Crosby vs Ovi show-down with Captains Farhan Muhammad and Mubeen Popal demonstrating their skills! An intense game down to the final second, the Pens came out on top with an offensive outburst of 5G, 1A from their Captain. Pens offensive threat, Adeel Dutli, added 1G, 2A to his short MMBHA resume. A valiant effort by the Caps Captain as he finished with 4G! The Caps will need more offensive power to back their Captain up, he hasn't put up any assists so long can he carry them? Final score, 6-4 Pens!

Game 3:

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Pittsburgh Penguins:
The Leafs came into this one with an impressive 17-6 goals differential, but the Pens took no notice! A close game ensued with the Pens mounting a late comeback to tie things up within regulation! Pens Captain Farhan scored 2G, while Adeel put up 1G as well to counter the Leafs 3G from Yakub(2G) and Bilal(1G, 1A)! Naveeni Muhammad continued his point streak from the back-end with another assist. Having decided nothing within regulation, the shootout proved to be decisive. Leafs' players Naveeni and Bilal both scored in their respective turns, taking the game from the Pens, whose 3rd shooter didn't get a chance at Leafs' netminder Mohib Khan, who's been solid so far and remained perfect in the shootout! Final score, 4-3 Leafs!

Washington Capitals vs Chicago Blackhawks:
Still reeling from their Game 2 losses, the Caps and Hawks mustered 5G each within regulation time! Caps' Captain Mubeen led the way for his team once again with another 4G performance! Hawks' Captain Masoud Rashidi came up big for his team with 2G, 1A, while Adam continued his hot streak with 1G! Hawks' All-Star D-man Luqman Tagaria got in on the action with 1G of his own! The Hawks' newest acquisition, goaltender Abdul Basit Raufi, played well in his first game, but gave up the shootout winner to recently obtained D-man Zahid Matadar! Final score, 5-4 Caps!

Please remember to come on time(10AM SHARP) and bring your gloves! Players who have not paid as of yet are requested to bring their fees next week!

2016 MMBHA Regular Season Week 1 Update
8/2/2016 5:36:31 PM
Assalamulaikum everyone!

I think the scoresheets say it all for BOTH Game 1's, but read on if you want the details ;D

Game 1:

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Washington Capitals:
Bilal's Leafs took on Mubeen's Caps in this classic matchup. A tight game was expected, was nothing of the sort. Yakub Tagaria actually showed up and got the game going with multiple goals in the opening period. He finished with 7G, eclipsing his entire career!?! It was a game full of firsts, with Naveeni Muhammad(1G, 8A) proving himself as an offensive D-man and Captain Bilal taking a backseat with ONLY 2G, 2A! Leafs netminder Mohib Khan held the fort against Caps Captain Mubeen, who finished with 1G and 2PM. Hatts off to the rest of the Caps team....for showing up???? ;D

Chicago Blackhawks vs Pittsburgh Penguins:
First-time Captain Masoud proved his worth by scoring 2G, 2A en route to his Hawks' devastating 9-1 victory! Last season's New York Rangers' Captain Adam Kadva kept things rolling by adding 4G, 1A to his impressive resume(that does not include any Cups whatsoever)! Stay-at-home Hawks D-man Luqman Tagaria continued his ever-improving play and got 2P(1G, 1A) on the board as well. Pens' Captain Crosby, I mean, Farhan got 1A in a losing effort off Junior player Azlan Siddiqui's 1G?!?!? Man, some teams need to step it up! :O

In other news, the website has been updated, take a look at the team rosters to see who you're playing with and/or against! Please let me know if any changes are needed in terms of players names, etc.....Laal Tamatar seems fine though.....right?? ;P

Games will start at 10AM SHARP this weekend, be on time! Please remember to bring GLOVES!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Final Total
Chicago Blackhawks 3
Toronto Maple Leafs 4
Preview - Box Score - Recap

Final Total
Toronto Maple Leafs 2
Chicago Blackhawks 1
Preview - Box Score - Recap

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